Pitch Wars 2017: #PIMPMYBIO (YA Fantasy)

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This post is part of a blog hop for contestants participating in Pitch Wars – a competition with the goal of improving manuscripts and getting literary agents for authors. Hosted by the amazing Brenda Drake, check out more information on Pitch Wars here. This is my first time entering, but I’ve heard great things! Consider entering if you have a completed manuscript.


About my manuscript:

Here’s the pitch for my YA Fantasy novel –

Two kingdoms. Two social classes. And two conflicting goals.

A market thief earns the chance to change her circumstances when she qualifies to participate in Apprentice Auditions. She could work under one of four prestigious Alchemists, escape her penniless lifestyle, and gain the chance to help in the war efforts. But just as she’s preparing for auditions, her strange appearance causes her to be selected for an “honor” in the king’s festival. An honor that requires her presence at the castle engaging with a snotty princess – right in the midst of auditions. With a dark enemy bearing down on the kingdom and a king who’d rather focus on festivities, she discovers worrying about her future may be the least of her problems. She really should be fearing for her life.

A troubled prince would rather live in peace, away from people and surrounded by all the animals he’s rescued in between plundering kingdoms with his father. But his father searches for a treasure, and the kingdom won’t cease the rampages until it’s found. When the treasure is rumored to be in a tiny, walled kingdom, the prince decides to end his father’s pillages once in for all. He will lead the raid, destroy the kingdom, find the treasure, and put an end to the constant state of war. But leading a brutal empire isn’t easy, especially when burdened with a secret inability to kill.


About me:

I grew up as the youngest of four children. Yeah, we were all pretty awkward.

H. Ebel Family of four kids.jpg

My family was poor, but I’ve always believed that was what developed our wild imaginations. We didn’t have TV, video games, expensive toys, etc., so we went outside and played pretend. I lived in six states throughout my childhood: IL, NC, IN, KY, WI, MD

My freshman year in college, I met this dude:

Joel Ebel on Beach with Turtle.jpg

No, it wasn’t love at first sight. I thought it would be a short fling for a fun freshman year. But the day he waded through a Wisconsin blizzard to fix my broken car and paid to replace the old tires I couldn’t afford, I realized he was playing for keeps.

And I decided I would play as well.

Hope and Joel Ebel Wedding Picture

We moved to the most beautiful state of CO, got a dog, and I became a math teacher of crazy middle schoolers (I know…a lot of writers hate math for some reason, but it was truly my first love. Please tell me I’m not the only one!).

Then, I had the crazy idea to go back to college and get my MA in School Counseling.

H Ebel graduation .jpg

Somewhere in my school counseling journey, I started writing as a wellness activity. I found I loved writing and have continued ever since. I actually imagined the idea for the novel I’m submitting to Pitch Wars in church when the speaker started talking about a kingdom under siege (yes! I’m a horrible person for daydreaming instead of listening, but church is an inspiring place for me!).

My novel was nearly complete when – THIS HAPPENED:

Hope and Joel Ebel Pregnancy Announcement Mommy and Daddy are getting me a human.jpg


H. Ebel Mom Picture of X

Not to say pregnancy stopped my writing completely because it didn’t, but it certainly slowed it down. I was just preparing to enter Pitch Wars last year with my manuscript when THIS HAPPENED:

H Ebel Pregnancy Announcement #2 Mario - Player one ready and player 2 pressing start

Numerous complications, another not-fun pregnancy (although I know very few people who find pregnancy fun – I envy them!), and tons of hospital bills later – RESULTED IN THIS:

H. Ebel Mom Picture.jpg

And now, I write and care for two little bundles of joy. (If you have or have had young children, this post might interest you – 10 Signs You Might Be a Writer With Young Children). My manuscript is in much better shape than it was a year ago, and I can’t wait for Pitch Wars to begin!

Here are a few random favorites of mine:

 H Ebel Favorite Chick Flicks 1 Chick Flicks! There’s nothing better than sitting down with my girlies and watching some of my all-time favorites. H Ebel Favorite Chick Flicks 2
H Ebel Tesselation Woodland Faeries Art projects! – Painting tessellations and crayon art are some of my favorites

H Ebel Crayon Art Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

 Dove Chocolates Teach Your Grandma to take a selfie.jpg Dove chocolates! Besides the fact that chocolate lies inside them, the Dove messages are awesome. Am I the only one inspired by the metal wrappers? I just opened the one on the left today!
 Square Foot Garden Ebel.jpg Square Foot Gardening! My husband built this for me one summer after a square foot garden caught my eye on Pinterest. I checked out a book from the library, got on Google, and voila, my garden was born.
 H. Ebel T-84 Purple Sparkly Graphing Calculator.jpg Data! I already mentioned I was a math teacher, and I’m a numbers girl all the way. I spend way too much time analyzing grocery bills, blog stats, student test results, and anything else that piques my interest. (Isn’t it every girl’s dream to own a sparkly purple T-84 Plus Graphing Calculator!)
 Ebel at the beach.JPG Warm weather & summertime! I’m a teacher, so I’m pretty sure the summertime is self-explanatory. 🙂

I would be honored to be picked for Pitch Wars, but either way, I’m excited about all the new people I’m sure to meet. Even if this one isn’t my time, I’ll always work harder, I’ll always get better, and one day, I’ll reach my goal. And then of course set a new goal and have to start over…

To chase a dream

I’d love to connect on Twitter @hopeebel or Facebook! Also, if you enjoy writing tips, follow me on my blog where I share writely posts from time to time!

Let’s Chat! Leave me a comment below!

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18 thoughts on “Pitch Wars 2017: #PIMPMYBIO (YA Fantasy)

  1. Hope, I love this post. One of my favorite movies is Sweet Home Alabama too. Its a movie that if it’s on TV I will just watch no matter what part it’s at 🙂 I forgot to include it in my bio lol. Writing with two kids can be hard but I think many writers do it (I am very single lol but have loooots of mom friends). Good luck entering Pitch Wars this year!!

    –fellow (hopeful) mentee

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for stopping by! About Sweet Home Alabama – Yes, I definitely agree! I watch it every time even though I’m pretty sure I have the whole thing saved on my DVR. =)


  2. Hi Hope. Love your bio. I wanted to read a novella inspired by your personal HEA. You should write one! I write about princes too. If you ever want to trade a chapter critique please let me know!

    Good luck with #pitchwars. I’m excited for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that is so sweet of you to say! I was attempting to be a good storyteller of my bio, so I’m glad you enjoyed! Princes are my fav! It would be awesome to trade a chapter critique sometime. Once I finally finish my current WIP, I may take you up on that offer. Good luck to you as well!


  3. This looks wonderful! I LOVE your taste in chick flicks. Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favs as is How to Lose a Guy! Your children are precious. Being a mom is truly the coolest thing ever, right? SO happy you’re entering this year! Best of luck! 😀❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I, too, LOVE data! I’m a total geek when it comes to Excel spreadsheets. Seriously, I planned an entire 3-week cross country trip via an Excel spreadsheet that was as big as a pirate’s map by the time I was done. And I loved every minute of the planning! I also have a bunch of separate spreadsheets for our bills/income, recent medical bills (ugh, let’s not GO there!). But while math is good, science has my heart! (Which is probably why my fantastical worlds feature a lot of earth science stuff!) Like you, I also have two kids (mine are girls) and I went back to school for my Master’s as an adult. Seems like we share some common interests, too! (Chick flick? I’m a sucker for them every time, but I think While You Were Sleeping is one of my favorites! Dove chocolates? Yes, please. Any chocolate, but Dove and Godiva are the best!)

    Good luck to you in PitchWars! I’ll be cheering for you! I debated entering (because disappointment sucks), BUT I know that the best part of these contests is hooking up with other writers on a similar journey! So, here I am. Entered anyway! (And meeting others! Good luck!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so great to meet you! And I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one! That trip sounds like it was awesome! I’m going have to do that next time I take a vacation. And science? Love it! Physics is my personal favorite.

      I’ll be cheering for you as well! It’s been so great to make connections with other writers. I’m so excited for August to get here so we can submit. (But not too excited, because that will mean my summer break is almost over…) ❤


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