Welcome to my blog! I use this space to blog about my journey as a writer and parent. I hope to give out useful writing tips and share bits and pieces of my world along the way. Feel free to look around and leave me a note. I look forward to connecting with you!

Any likes make me smile, and any shares make my day! ❤

Here are some blog posts you may enjoy (Just click on the picture to find the article!):

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v2         6 Tips to Write Your Novel in the Vibrant Way Your Brain Imagined It

A Few Easy Strategies to Remove Those Pesky Filter Words that Fog Up Your Writing         7 Wellness Strategies for Creative Minds

Stifling Creativity: Things We Should Stop Doing      Stifling Creativity - Things We Should Stop Doing Part 2

Stifling Creativity_      Our Soul Crushing World of Writing - easy Strategies for Perserverance

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